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Bigtopmania blends the theatrics of circus entertainment and festivals with the wonderful world of weddings and parties.

We have quite. diverse offering and are involved in outdoor events, festivals, corporate events, private parties, weddings and have a lot to offer in the entertainment world where we produce circus shows and entertainment as well as fully managed family areas at events. 

As such, we avoid simply churning out wedding after wedding and our weddings are special to us! 

We accept only so many weddings each year such that they all become unique expressions of the couples life and get personal attention from us. You may call us an alternative wedding supplier but we do of course create quintessentially gorgeous rustic country weddings too! 

We are fully inclusive and as ethically sustainable as possible. 

Our range of stylish finishing touches are lovingly and carefully selected and our attention to detail is thorough when we are creating your marquee wedding breakfast venue and its surrounding environment.

We are very happy to work with other suppliers and really want you to express your creativity too so please sew your own bunting, paint your on signs, build your own bars, forage your own flowers an garlands and so on! 

You will find our website full of different tents in various sizes and styles. There are real wedding examples and plenty of imagery and video for inspiration. There is a downloadable brochure for the tents complete with prices. 

Wedding marquee quotes with itemised prices are sent via email and an easily refined online system.

We know it is a huge decison to select your venue, marquees, finishing touches and that there are so many factors to consider in planning your wedding. We are fully prepared to guide you and refine things as we go along. 


If you would like to chat more please get in touch with us as soon as possible in your planning as key dates are often booked a long time in advance.  Having said that, last minute events are always possible! 

Happy wedding planning people! 


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